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problems with the Watchdog example included in MCU Xpresso

Question asked by Gabriel Santamaría on Jun 6, 2018
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I'm trying to implement a simple project using the watchdog (COP module), and first I tried the cop example under driver_examples category, where the watchdog actually resets the module, running all the code (F8) while debugging.


The problem was that, when I created a new project, I started by using exactly the same code of the cop.c file (where the main function is), but the project doesn't do the same as the example included, although the exactly same code was used for testing purposes.


Also, I checked that, in neither code (the example and my test project), the watchdog wasn't disabled in the startup_mkl43z4.c file.


thanks in advance,

Gabriel S.



MCU Xpresso IDE v10.1.1