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Which processor should I use for low power and low latency live video streaming?

Question asked by imx learner on Jun 6, 2018



I am interested in building a low power and a low latency live video streaming embedded server. I want to stream live video from the device over a custom WiFi network or LTE. This puts a limit on the bandwidth of the transmitted video data from the server to client approx. < 1MBps. Hence I am aiming to use H264 encoder. I do not look forward for a HD video streaming, my use case can be sufficed by a SD streaming as well. The resolution I am looking for is 640x480 or less at configurable 15/30/60 fps. In such a case, I have the following questions:

1. which processor should I be aiming for with these requirements? Is there a evaluation kit available for such a  processor?

2. which camera could be more compatible with the processor? I intend to use a CSI2-MIPI interface camera, or a USB camera. Are there any cameras available that work off-the shelf with these processors? Or I need to write drivers for such cameras?

3. are there any software development kit available, that provides source code that is close to my use case.

4. I would also appreciate some resources that can prove to be a starting point for such a project.


I look forward for your reply.