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Dual Lite fails to load at -15C

Question asked by Michael Perreca on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by igorpadykov

Good morning,


I am working on a project in which i have to qualify a new DDR3 chip for an existing Dual Lite design.  In doing my testing, I ran the DDR_Stress_Test tool at ambient, -15C, and 60C.  On my first board, at -15C i am unable to get the test to complete. 


What happens is when i download the appropriate file into IRAM, the unit reboots as expected but fails to boot properly (i get a "device malfunctioning" notification in windows and the tools spits out that the download has failed.) This occurs with both the command line based 1.0.3 and gui based 2.60. 


To see if this was a fluke i grabbed a second board, and it had no problems completing the tasks at ambient, -15, and 60c.  I grabbed a 3rd board, loaded my linux image onto it and had no problems doing a u-boot mtest at ambient, -15, and 60.


I went back to the failed board and brought it back  down to -15C and still the same issues no matter what I tried.  Every time that board goes to load the image into IRAM it fails.


My assumption is that this is indicative of an iMX issue and not a DDR3 issue but I could be wrong.  Have any other seen this in the past?


The specific part number under test is MCIMC6U7CVM08AC so it should be good to -40C.