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QSPI flash addressing problem

Question asked by Gabor Kocsis on Jun 6, 2018

Hi Everybody,

We use two flash memories of type MT25QU01G on our custom board. They're placed them on two separated buses (A and B). We can write the RCW, U-Boot, Linux kernel and frame manager ucode into one of them. The U-Boot works correctly, but unable to read the fm-ucode and the Linux kernel either. As a result of our investigation we have discovered that we can't read from addresses out of 1MByte address range. Reading from an address that is out of this 1MByte range results a data from inside the 1MByte range. In the source code of U-Boot we've found it should be able to handle this type of flash, but it doesn't.

What could be the problem?


Thanks in advance,

Gabor Kocsis