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SDK 2.4 for LS1043ARDB

Question asked by marje on Jun 6, 2018
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I'm building platform project for reference board LS1043ARDB, based on Linux SDK 2.4.3 and I have successfuly created target images for fsl-image-networking. But, I have a problem with booting the target from SD card or NOR (Bank4) which was configured with steps from my attachment uboot-setup.txt.

Booting from SD card or NOR fails after probing OPTEE driver with the same error (attachments: boot-from-sd-card.txt, boot-from-NOR-bank4.txt).

If I disable TEE driver in kernel, I have another problems with loading/probing fsl_XXX networking drivers (boot-from-sd-card-without-TEE.txt).


I'd also like to know, how to solve the issues shown from u-boot (it complains about different firmware images).


Thanks in advance,