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MIFARE DESFire in the PN7462AU FW and SW examples Full version v.05.16

Question asked by Jarosław Juda on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Jarosław Juda

Does anyone know why MIFARE DESFire examples were removed from the full version of sw368320 PN7462AU-FW-and-SW-Examples-Full-version---v05_16_00 ?

This examples were in the previous 05.12 version althought they did not work as I wrote in the thread PN7462 FW and SW examples full (NDA) version incomplete? 


They are available for Kinetis, Linux, PN5180 and RC663 in sw375618 NFC-Reader-Library-v051600-including-MIFARE-DESFire-MIFARE-Plus-and-ICODE-DNA-modules  but for the PN7462 disappeared.