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RAppID bootloader S32K144

Question asked by Suresh Jayagondar on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Jiri Kral



I am trying to use RAppID boot loader tool to download software to S32K144EVB through CAN interface.

Followed steps mentioned in below thread 


Also received a latest version of rbf file from NXp ( attached here ) and used that.


when i download "srec" file generated in example project "bootloader_S32K" using CAN i get following error.

Using Vector VN1611 LIN/CAN Interface for physical connection.





But when i use serial communication selection in GUI i was able to download file successfully.




Question is if tool is able to handle data through serial port using CAN cable connected to it, why am i getting the error when CAN is selected ? Hardware incompatible ? Software not seeing any data on CAN ??


Please help



Suresh J