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how to make  5mS timer in kernel  in P2020 or P1011

Question asked by hyoung kim on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

hello everyone   ( i am not good at English  )


i use P2020 and P1011  and  OS is linux 

at last time  i use CPM2 timer and  kernel driver   at linux 2.6.29, CPU was MPC8248 


but  kernel is a lot different from old one   and CPU and the way to use interurpt  are much more complex


in CPU  Reference Manual   it  says it has timers at overview section

  i am not sure  it means    Global timer  regsiters ( in Programmable interrupt contoller )



but  i have no clue  how to use it ?

do i need to change DTS file ?

in linux source code, there is  a fsl_gtm.c ( gerneral timer )  file 

could i use it  and    how could i use it ?

is there any example to use fsl_gtm ?



thank you in advance