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How do I resolve File Error 206002. Duplicate File?

Question asked by Russ Farrell on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by ZhangJennie

Working in CW IDE version 5.9, Windows 10 Pro machine:

Installed Products:
CodeWarrior Development Studio for Freescale HC12 v5.1 HCS12 G64 Service Pack, build 110727.
CodeWarrior Development Studio for the S12(X) Version 5.1, build 10221.
CodeWarrior Development Studio for Freescale HCS12(x) v5.1, PE V3.05 Service Pack, build 130715.


Everything was fine last week, now when I start or close CW I get the following error (image attached):


File Error 206002.


Duplicate File.



All formatting and preferences were reset (I am able to update and change)