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rpmsg on iMx6 SoloX

Question asked by Pazzo Da Legare on Jun 4, 2018
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After testing a bit my iMx6 SoloX  (using FreeRTOS BSP v1.0.1 for i.MX7D/i.MX6SX) I realized that there could be a bandwidth issue. I played with imx_rpmsg_tty first, then with rpmsg-lite , using rpmsg_multiept, (see GitHub - EmbeddedRPC/erpc-imx-demos: eRPC demos for i.MX devices ) but I cannot go faster than 90KB/s...I would expect, at least, a couple of MB/s. Do you have any link for a good benchmark example? What is the expected speed one could expect?


Thank you in advance for you help.




ps: the test environment imx_rpmsg_tty demo I use has the M4 pushgin data to iMx6, once the rpmsg connection is available. If data has goes faster than around 15KB/s I got (on linux console)

imx_rpmsg_tty rpmsg0: No memory for tty_prepare_flip_string. If help to understand I can attach both tests (openamp rtos based, from FreeRTOS BSP, and rpmsg-lite one).