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QN902x cannot broadcast.

Question asked by Leaf Lee on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Leaf Lee

I use QN902x to develop a BLE peripheral device on IAR ARM 8.11.  I change many source files in NXP SDK.


The HW is OK, if using NXP project in QN902x HW, my phone can get QN902x broadcast package.

But if using my project with modified source file, my phone can not get QN902x broadcast package. See below:


I use this function to initialize a broadcast,

app_gap_adv_start_req(GAP_GEN_DISCOVERABLE|GAP_UND_CONNECTABLE, //store_ble_dev_mode_flag(mode);
app_env.adv_data, 17, app_env.scanrsp_data, 20, GAP_ADV_FAST_INTV1, GAP_ADV_FAST_INTV2);


Is the BLE IP stack isn't initialized well?

What is wrong?