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Need Debug information on SDMA core from iMX6 processor

Question asked by Paradiso Jean-Pierre on Jun 4, 2018
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we are thinking to develop a debugger for the SDMA core from IMX6 Quad core chip.


we are under NDA with NXP and i would like to get all information regarding the CORE itself ? what kind of core is exactly the SDMA ?

we need all information on the Debug register of the SDMA ? 

we need to know why the SDMA core is not in the daisy chain and how we can add it on the daisy chain to be able to connect it using our Lauterbach JTAG debugger ?


we would need the full documentation used manual of the SDMA core, and also the instruction set manual as well .


i got the confirmation from Mr Gerard Maniez NXP Partner Network Director that as we are under NDA with NXP we can get such information, i hope that would be possible.


we will have certainly other question, then if we can also get a follow from NXP on this subject that will be really appreciated ..;-)


please let me know

Best regards,

Mr paradiso

Sales director Lauterbach France.