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QCVS DDR tool Dozing State Error

Question asked by Efecan Bozulu on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by ufedor

Hello, we are trying to work our DDR4 discreet memory on a t1024 based custom board, the board is geting the RCW from SD card. We are using CW 10.5.1 for linux and using QCVS tool to obtain reasonable auto leveling values. However, we are not able to get any stable configuration from the tool. Under this case we had checked our procedure with t1023RDB, which also has the same discreet DDR4 memory on board. The tool is generating results for t1023RDB with the same condition (where the RCW is taken from SD card, only RCW no PBL data part or u-boot on SD card).


On QCVS DDR tool we are observing some strange configurations saying (In Red Boxes):

Core interrupted by exception: The tst was not executed, as the core was expected to be in Running state and instead it is in Dozing.

Which is indicating the the CPU is in doze state. Even though we are not doing anything with power management.


Results can be seen as:



Orange configurations are giving ACE errors. This might be an expected behaviour, however, we had tried to investigate the error of the red boxes and, we did not see anything related to this error in DDR tool of QCVS in any documentation or forum questions.


Can you help us about this issue?