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Issues removing unused PHY from twrvf65gs10a5 based board

Question asked by Corey Butts on Jun 4, 2018

I'm pretty new to MQX and embedded development in general and I'm working on a board that is based on the twrvf65gs10a5 board. Our board has 2 ethernet phys and we only use the first, so I'm trying to remove the second. I modified our code to only initialize the first phy which works fine, but once I physically remove the second phy from the board, the processor locks up when trying to communicate using the first phy. Through debugging I found that the processor end up getting stuck inside the enet_send function because it isn't receiving interrupts from the MAC to free up the Transmit Ring Buffers. I also noticed that the info obtained from the phy (MAC, physical address etc.) is different (and looks somewhat off) than when both of the phys are populated. Any advice or help would be much appreciated!