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Increase range of PN532

Question asked by Rodrigo Lorenzo Leal on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Kan_Li

Hi NXP Community!


I'm currently working on a second iteration of a PN532 based product. The product uses the PN532 to read from both cards and Android Phones (emulating cards).


The NFC detection on the first iteration of the product has been hit and miss with phones, and this is something we're looking to improve in our second model.


In the first model, we used the Taoglass FXR.06.A as our NFC antenna, and we didn't use an amplifier with the PN532.


With that being said I have the following questions:


Does adding an amplifier like the once specified in AN1425 will improve the range? If so, is it that much of a difference that without the amplifier?


Additionally, since we have a lot of spare room in the casing, we're considering changing to a bigger antenna. Assuming that the matching circuit is properly calibrated, does having a bigger antenna "surface" increase the range of NFC detection?


Finally, is there any other suggestion by NXP in order to improve the range of a PN532 reader?


Thanks in advance.