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LCD display 4 small images when Starting kernel

Question asked by Ganbo Shi on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Ganbo Shi

I am in trouble,

the RGB LCD display logo is normal in uboot and kernel, but the LCD flash 4 small images when from uboot to kernel about 300ms when starting kernel. the port of LVDS0_DATA0,LVDS0_DATA1,LVDS0_DATA2 have abnormal signal, but the port of LVDS0_CLK is normal through the Oscilloscope. 

 I use  I.MX6DL over LVDS port connect to TM035KBH02 transform RGB signal to 320x240 LCD.

My Linux environment is 4.1.15

I don't know what config is incorrect when start kernel, so i need some help, thanks a lot.


LVDS0_DATA0 waveform: