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New MCUXpresso 10.2.0, SDKs & Config tools for LPC845

Question asked by Luis Martinez on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Luis Martinez

Hi all,

Congratulation for the new support for LPC845 MCU,... this IDE version is working better for me,... several issues resolved, thanks.

My question come for the new SDK & Configuration Tools operation (for this MCU), not sure if it's fully operative yet or I have something wrong in my process,... the difficulty appear in the SDK web' contructor and also in local with IDE + Config Tool when I try to launch the 'pin' configuration tool, also for 'clocks'.
When I start it in local a web access start to download data and fail with a message 'Processor 'LPC845' is not supported or data not avalaible (check internet connection)'

When I'm prepairuing the SDK for the MCU (alone) in the web service, and I click over 'pins' also an error about 'not supported' appear,...

I'm evaluation these tools, very important for me, to create a new hw & sw (both baremetal),

My PC run Win7 64 bits + 16GB RAM a 1GB SDD, seem all is working well.

I'm evaluating (more sw at the moment) over one LPC845MAX board, building and debug with no big problems,...


Many thanks for your help