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Problems in the LPC11UXX SVD file

Question asked by Raphael Nestler on Jun 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Danilo B

I've been working on LPC11Uxx register mappings for the Rust language using this SVD file.

The SVD file has some problems which I had to fix for my project. I hope those fixes can be applied to the original file, so others may benefit.

1. Duplicate Names

Various enumerated values have identical names, leading to duplicate names in the generated code. Fix: Fix duplicate names in SVD file · coredump-ch/lpc11uxx-rs@82663b4 · GitHub 

2. Double underscores (_) in names

This is more a stylistic issue, but leads to warnings in the generated code. Fix: Fix snake_case errors in SVD file · coredump-ch/lpc11uxx-rs@45f0653 · GitHub 

3. Reset value of the SYSAHBCLKCTRL register seems wrong

The reset value of the System clock control register seems to be wrong. According to the data-sheet it is 0x3F, but in the SVD file it is 0x0801485F. Fix: Fix reset value of the SYSAHBCLKCTRL register · coredump-ch/lpc11uxx-rs@384788a · GitHub 


These are the issues I encountered so far. I can report any further problems as I find them if desired.

Thanks a lot,