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No driver support in SDK Wizard for MKL17Z ?

Question asked by geoff_s on Jun 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Daniel Chen

I'm running the latest MCUXpresso IDE (v10.2.0).  I have built and installed current v2.4 SDK's for MKL17Z processors from the MCUXpresso SDK builder site. 


I'm trying to create a new project using the SDK Builder wizard, but when I get to the step where you select which drivers and middleware to include, the list of drivers is completely empty except for the clock driver.


empty driver list for MKL17Z


I'm sure I haven't had this issue before using older IDE/SDK versions, and the problem doesn't occur if I use a different processor from a similar family (eg KL16Z, KL27Z), or different processors entirely (eg KL28Z, K64F).


Is this just a bug with the IDE and/or SDK, or is the KL17Z no longer supported ?