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Looking to use Embedded Coder and NXP Motor Control Development Toolbox for Motor Control Applications?

Discussion created by Toño Hernández Employee on Jun 1, 2018

As Model-Based Design has become a state-of-the-art method to develop embedded control algorithms, Tom Erkkinen (Embedded Applications Manager at MathWorks) and John H. Floros (Senior Field Application Engineer at NXP) will introduce both Mathworks Motor Control Development Toolbox and the NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox (MBDT) capabilities, together with the Math and Motor Control Function Libraries to demonstrate an automated path to production implementation on NXP S32K MCUs using the S32K144 automotive reference platform. Tom and John will show how to design and implement motor control systems using Simulink and Embedded Coder for S32K MCUs.


The NXP Model-Based Design Toolbox support engineers with its motor control blocks for modeling and simulation, its embedded target that generates highly optimized code, and its extensive Automotive Math and Motor Control Function Libraries. NXP MBDT also provides peripheral driver blocks, the processor optimized math and motor control blocks, software and processor-in-the-loop (SIL/PIL) simulation for algorithm verification, and utilities for MCU profiling and algorithm development.


DATE: June 14th, 2018 

TIME: 4:30 AM CST, 8:00 AM CST, or 1:00 PM CST

You can attend one of the three-time schedules for this webinar and start building your Motor Control application!