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Failed to build read-only-rootfs image for imx6qsabreauto

Question asked by 计龙 杨 on Jun 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by Kobus Goosen

bitbake core-image-minimal successfully by following steps in README.

But after adding this line to local.conf

EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs"

 and bitbake again, I got error:

ERROR: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: The following packages could not be configured offline and rootfs is read-only: ['100-initscripts']
ERROR: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Function failed: do_rootfs
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: .../fsl-release-bsp/build-fb/tmp/work/imx6qsabreauto-poky-linux-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_rootfs.21691
ERROR: Task 9 (.../fsl-release-bsp/sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/images/, do_rootfs) failed with exit code '1'

Saying "100-initscripts" package cause the error, but after checking package list by

bitbake -g core-image-minimal && cat | grep -v -e '-native' | grep -v digraph | grep -v -e '-image' | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq

there is only initscripts shown, not the "100-initscripts"

So, why there is "100-" before package name?


I find some writing commands in, maybe that's the cause of do_rootfs error, but why? Are there some steps I missed?


And BTW, how to set "ROOTFS_READ_ONLY=yes" in /etc/default/rcS before bitbake?