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Question asked by Christian Gradl on May 31, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by ranshalit


i did some speed tests, using "FLEXSPI hyperflash example" and my EVK board.

in the example at line 500 i found the comment

/* flexspi clock 332M, DDR mode, internal clock 166M. */

and the following code line

memcpy(s_hyperflash_read_buffer, (void *)(FlexSPI_AMBA_BASE + EXAMPLE_SECTOR * SECTOR_SIZE), sizeof(s_hyperflash_read_buffer));


i put my LED_on(), LED_Off() macros berofe and after this memcpy function

and started my measurements.


this memcpy (512 Byte from QSPI)  needs about about 34.8 us, thats very slow for the "fast" 166MHz QSPI.


I expected following: 166 Mhz for QSPI  => 332 MHz in DDR mode and 512 Byte Data and adding some overhead data (QSPI cmd, addr, etc.) => 2 us!!!


How can i speed the communication?