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Target error from Commit Flash write: Ee(FF). Redlink interface error 255.

Question asked by jerwey on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by jerwey

Hi, I am trying to debug a custom board with an LPC11U24/301 mcu using LPCXpresso and LPC-Link 2.  I don't see this error posted anywhere.  I did see a post warning about sufficient power when debugging, but that's it.  By board does not have a power source.  I am using an NT3H2111_2211 NTag energy harvesting chip to power it.  But the LPC-Link 2 is set up to power the board (jumper JP2) through my swd connection to the J7 connector.  I can flash programs to my board without any problems, but there is a bug in my program that I want to debug.  So far I have just debugged by sending messages back and forth through NFC, but I can't seem to catch this bug like that so I want to use LPCXpresso to debug it.


When I try to run the debugger I get the following errors:

Debugging error 1


Debugging error 2


Shouldn't I be able to debug my board just with power through LPC-Link 2 probe?  And since I am able to flash programs through the LPC-Link 2 probe, wouldn't that mean I have sufficient power to run my board?