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56F8037 flash questions

Question asked by j... on May 30, 2018
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56F802x and 56F803x Peripheral Reference Manual, Rev. 3


6.3 Block Diagram

      "Program memory of 64 k to 32 k bytes in length is constructed from a 64 k byte block."


What does this mean?

How can a 32k byte memory be constructed from a 64k byte block?

Does the "64k to 32k" reference different part variants such as 8037 vs. 802x vs. 803x?

Why does figure 6-1 show an option for 16K but it is not fall into 64k to 32k?

The statement is referencing bytes, so, can the part be programmed byte-wise, or must it be 16bits programming.

Why is the k separated from the number with a space (64 k, 32 k)?

It seems odd that that the nomenclature is in descending order 64k to 32k although, it is valid.


Should this read:

"Program memory can be in the range of 32k to 64k depending on the part variant"



6.5.2 Write Operation

There are two types of write access supported by the FM module. Normal write access, where a value is written to a memory location within the program Flash memory array, is part of a programming attempt. Writing the data must be followed by writing a program command to the FM module’s command (CMD) register.


Can more that one byte at a time be programmed into the flash?

If so, what is the maximum that can written at once?

Or, is a single word (16bits) always followed by CMD, one-at-a-time?



The documentation could be improved a lot.