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i.MX SDMA: RAM usage for storing channel contexts

Question asked by Christian Eggers on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by Christian Eggers

i.MX6UL reference manual, Table 43-14. SDMA Data Memory Space shows:


RAM 0x0800 → 0x0FFF 8 Kbyte 8 Kbyte internal RAM with channels contexts and user data/routines


It look like the channel contexts require 32 channels x 32 words / channel x 4 byte / word = 4096 bytes of memory. Context Switching-Programming

CONTEXT_BASE equals 0x0800


At which location inside the internal RAM are the contexts stored? Is CONTEXT_BASE the address on the data bus or the offset from the start of the RAM? Is CONTEXT_BASE a byte address (2048 bytes from start of RAM) or word address (8192 bytes from start of RAM)?


How much RAM is available for user scripts? Is any RAM in use by the NXP scripts for storing data (not code)?