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imx8QXP - MEK - LVDS - HDMI Display

Question asked by Deepa Murugesan on May 30, 2018
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We are working on imx8QXP - MEK HW to realize automotive cluster under linux. As a first step we are using the prebuilt binary images(Linux Binary Demo Files – i.MX 8QXPlus MEK) from "". Though we could boot the HW with the prebuilt image, we are unable to bring the display UP. The LVDS0/DSI0 interface of imx8QQXP-MEK HW is connected to a HDMI display via IMX - LVDS - HDMI daughter card. With this HW setup, we are trying to run the display test script "" that comes with the file system of prebuilt image. This script fails with the error


Setting FB to 24-bpp

"./ line 35: echo: write error: Invalid argument"

"FAIL - Unable to set bpp"

"FAIL - Unable to set virtual size" & so on...


Any help to bring the Display UP in imx8QXP - MEK board is greatly appreciated.