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PCA9701 and PCA9702

Question asked by sasa mesaric on May 30, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by sasa mesaric

Hi !


we are using PCA9701 and PCA9702.


Datasheet says :


Multiple PCA9701 or PCA9702 devices can be serially connected for monitoring a large number of switches by connecting the SDOUT of one device to the SDIN of the next device. SCLK and CS must be common among all devices and interrupt outputs may be tied together. No external logic is necessary because all the devices’ interrupt outputs are open-drain that function as ‘wired-AND’ and can simply be connected together to a single pull-up resistor.


Does this mean that we can connect  one PCA9701 and one PCA9702 together like described above or only PCA9701 can be connected together with another PCA9701 (same goes for PCA9702), so combination of PCA9701 and PCA9702 is not allowed?


Thank you !


Regards !