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Which registers exactly does writereg128 write to on a PPC8548?

Discussion created by Ross Leppard on Nov 5, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by Franck JULLIEN
     I'm working with an SBC8548 eval board and am trying to get some very basic setup code written for the processor. In particular I'm looking at TLB's at the moment and to start with I was going to set them up the same as the CW target initialisation script I've been using to flash the board. However in the script it uses the writereg128 command as follows: -

  writereg128        L2MMU_CAM5 0x70000FC8 0xFC000000 0xFF000000 0xFF000001

From the help file it says that this command combines the 4 32 bit values and writes them to the specified 128 bit TLB registers. Now looking at the 8548 reference manual I can see that there are the MASx registers used to setup the TLB so I assumed the command would write to the MAS0-3 registers and then execute a tlbw command but the values in the above command don't seem to correlate to the bit definitions of those registers at all? So where exactly does the writereg128 command put those values?

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