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PN7462 freezes during LLCP activation with Primary Downloader and SWD disabled

Question asked by José Roque Betiol Júnior on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by Kan_Li

Hi everyone,


I'm having a problem during NFC P2P comunication when Primary Downloader and SWD are disabled.


I'm using two boards. Board A is configured as Initiator/Client and Board B is configured as Target/Server. Both on Passive Mode.

I'm using passive mode because it also need to comunicate with MIFARE DESFire cards.


I've tested the communication between the two boards before disabling Primary Downloader and SWD, and it was working correctly. But after disabling Primary Downloader and SWD, Board A freezes when I approximate both boards.


As Primary Downloader and SWD are disabled, I'm not able to debug Board A, so I can just debug Board B.

Debuging Board B, I could detect that Board A freezes during LLCP Activation process (phlnLlcp_Activate function).


I couldn't find any relation with disabling Primary Downloader and SWD with NFC communication, so I need a help with this issue. I wasted a few chipsets to find out that this problem only occours after disabling Primary Downloader and SWD.


I'm using PN7462 chipset and NFC Reader Library version 05.12.00-Extended.


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