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Troubleshooting programming issues

Question asked by Robert Maier on May 29, 2018
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I am using the KEAZN64 MCU on a new application. I've used this same MCU successfully on a different application. With my new application I am getting the following error during flash programming:


Failed to resume target process.

   Downloading binary to target...


Any tips on where to start looking? I am using SWD connection. I am presuming it is a hardware issue. Anything I can scope out? Ensure 5V supply, make sure SWD signals make it to pin on MCU...


What I've done so far:

- I am using a PE Micro Multilink Universal. I opened an old project, and flashed it into an known working board. That works just fine. I switch to my other PCB, and I get the error. Both using same MCU, and really all peripherals are similar as far as power supply, SWD connections, clock, etc.

- I am getting 5V rock solid on VDD.

- I see the SWD_CLK and SWD_DIO in action when trying to flash program.


It appears to me that the MCU is erased but cannot be flashed...

Here's what's displayed in the console during flashing:


Module has been erased.




Loading programming algorithm...



Processing Object File Data...

Error during programming.