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SPI Master Communication - MK10 and MQX 4.0

Question asked by Ali2006 on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by Daniel Chen

Hello All,


I'm currently using the MK10 system with MQX4.0 and I'm having trouble with my SPI communication.  I have my SPI setup with 4 chip select channels and each includes it's own SPI configuration.  I have an application with many tasks, two of which utilize a single SPI channel.  I have semaphores preventing them from using the SPI at the same time, etc.. and all of that is working just fine.  The system performs these reads every 5mS, each read is 32 bytes long, done in two 16 byte transfers to try to avoid filling the Receive FIFO as per the errata notes.  For the most part the entire application is working just fine.  But every now and then I get an odd occurrence on in the SPI communication, see below.   The glitch in the Slave select line in the SPI_low channel appears to be coming from the MK10, but I'm not sure why.    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  Thank you.




Good data transfers look as follows.