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Timeout waiting LinkServer to initialize(0)

Question asked by Austin Milford-Rosales on May 29, 2018

I'm having the exact same issue as this previous post (, but with the LPCXpresso 54102 board (they had it with LPClink2 boards).  short version of the problem follows:

When I start to debug

with LPCXpresso (8.2.2) in first a windows notify me that:

Initializing link server with LPC432x_CMSIS_DAP_V5_173.bin.hdr

after some time, the result is :

Timeout waiting LinkServer to initialize(0)

The provided solution by LPCX presso support ( has a solution for the specific board:

From LPCXpresso IDE version 7.3x and later, we now supply a boot script for all supported platforms. To make use of this script:

  • cd <install_dir>\lpcxpresso\bin and run
  • boot_link2

Is there a version of this available for the LPCXpresso54102?