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shared MAC between USDPAA and Linux

Question asked by Liu Jianbo on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2018 by Yiping Wang

Hi Yiping:


With SDK 1.7, We use shared MAC between USDPAA and Linux on B4860 target, change dts as the following:


ethernet@1 {

                         compatible = "fsl,b4860-dpa-ethernet-shared", "fsl,dpa-ethernet-shared";

                         fsl,fman-mac = <0x2f>;

                         fsl,bman-buffer-pools = <0x37>;

                         fsl,qman-frame-queues-rx = <0x52 0x1 0x53 0x1 0x2110 0x1>;

                         fsl,qman-frame-queues-tx = <0x72 0x1 0x73 0x1 0x3110 0x1>;



And use fmc tool to allocate and config buffer pools for shared MAC interface just as your mentioned in previous case(DPAA+shared interface )

Then bootup a L1 application.


But after several hours later, the board will crash(kernel failed to show any info and jtag tool can not dump register either at that moment)


Not sure if these steps have some problem, I failed to find doc(Freescale P4080/P5020/P3041 USDPAA IPFwd Longest Prefix Match User Manual) you mentioned in (I am going to test the DPAA driver for t1040,but I am new to this driver,so anyone can suggest me some test cases or test scenarios for testing the DPAA driver ), do you know where to get it?

And to debug dpaa driver in this situation, do you have some comments on it?


This issue happen with SDK1.7, do you know if the latest SDK 2.0 have fixed the similar issue?


Many thanks for your time!!!


Yiping Wang