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SD Deployment T2080RDB

Question asked by Sandra Trujillo García on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Sandra Trujillo García

Hi everyone,

I am trying to prepare an SD card to load my operating system and work with my T2080RDB-PC. 

I am following the instructions detailed in the manual of the SDK 'QORIQ-SDK-2.0-IC-REV0.pdf' in particular I am following the section ' SD Deployment'. I have several doubts about this. Attached is a screenshot of this documentation and a screenshot of the directory QorIQ-SDK-V2.0-20160527-yocto/build_t2080rdb-64b/temp/deploy/images/t2080rdb-64b


1) Why do I need the QorIQ-SDK- <Version> -PPCE6500- <release date> -yocto.iso image? I want to record the operating system image that I modified and subsequently built using this SDK. When I built the images I got the image fsl-image-full-t2080rdb-64b-<date>.rootfs.tar.gz ¿Can I use this image?

2) How can I load the image I have built and prepare the SD for it?

3)  I do not understand the steps that I attach below:

6. Copy the file system to harddisk by extracing the 
QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz.
Remove the tarball after extracting rootfs.
# cp QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz 
# sudo tar -zxvf QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz
# rm QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz

Where do I copy the QorIQ_SDK_<Version>_E6500_<release date>_ROOTFS_Image.tar.gz? In what directory? On the SD or on the host PC?


4) Are all the directories that are created in the instructions created in the SD? In the instructions it says 'Create temp directory in host PC' but I think that this should be created in the SD, is it true?


I appreciate the help