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ADC sampling freq. on MC13213

Discussion created by Saurabh Moghe on Nov 5, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2010 by Wahab Shah
I am trying to figure out the way to set the ADC conversion clock frequency. I have a requirement to sample the analog input at 32KHz.

1. Using Freescale SRB that is connected to the PC over USB (no wireless connectivity)
2. The code is built over SMAC code generated by BeeKit
3. Setup wherein 1KHz signal is given as input to the ADC(10bits) of MC13213.
4. Buffer this signal and then transmit it over USB to get the data on the machine. (the buffer size is 1200bytes)
5. ATD1C=0xC1 (ATD control register with Prescaler rate set to 1)

Can someone let me know what is the way to set the desired ADC conversion clock frequency? I could not understand the contents of the Table 20.4 of the “MC1321x RM” that refer to the calculations of these frequencies