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U-BOOT hangs on LS1046 custom board

Question asked by Gabor Kocsis on May 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by j_wallace

Hi, Everybody


We have a custom board with LS1046. I have made my own U-Boot based on the original U-Boot shipped with LS1046ARDB.


It stucks after board initialization.

I've traced the program flow and found the followings:  
-  'board_init_f()' function run through correctly (The messages appear on a UART terminal).
-  'board_init_r()' function couldn't get the control
-   between these two functions there is a program relocation
    (that    relocates the u-boot code to the DDR)
    the c_runtime_setup routine 

The DDR configuration probably correct, a simple read-write test program doesn't show any error. 
Our custom board differs the from original LS1046ARDB at the DDR, we have 4 GB DDR SDRAM on our board.

What could the problem be?


Thanks in advance