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MPC5674f shadow erasing issue

Question asked by oloo oloo on May 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by oloo oloo


                FLASH_A.LMLR.R = FLASH_LMLR_PASSWORD;    //unlock register
                FLASH_A.LMLR.R = 0x000303FF;    //unlock shadow flash
                FLASH_A.SLMLR.R = FLASH_SLMLR_PASSWORD;    //unlock register
                FLASH_A.SLMLR.R = 0x000303FF;    //unlock shadow flash


                //erase shadow flash
                FLASH_A.MCR.B.ERS = 1;
                *(unsigned int*)0x00FFC000 = 0xFFFFFFFF;    //interlock write - write any address in shadow block
                FLASH_A.MCR.B.EHV = 1;
                while(FLASH_A.MCR.B.DONE == 0){};
                FLASH_A.MCR.B.EHV = 0;
                FLASH_A.MCR.B.ERS = 0;

               (below is code to set censor password etc, this part is not executed because above hangs)



this code hangs, code below above block is not executed, after reset i see that shadow is erased, but for some reason erasing procedure hangs, any ideas why?



removed line: while(FLASH_A.MCR.B.DONE == 0){};

result: shadow erased and code hangs



removed line: *(unsigned int*)0x00FFC000 = 0xFFFFFFFF;

result: shadow is NOT erased but NO code hanging, normal execution is proceed



also L0, L1,L2 and L3 has the same behavior, erasing procedure hangs...

the rest of sectors i men L4 to L9, M0,M2, H0 to H5 goes normally.

L0, L1,L2,L3 belongs to partiton 1, this is something common.

I am booting from L0 and then jump to RAM from where executing erasing.


any ides what is wrong? suppose its not problem of code itself, is trivial...hw configuration?