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MCF5475CFE PCI Controller

Discussion created by Tracee Worel on Nov 4, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2008 by James Mahan
For a breadboard we are designing, we are using 2 Fire Engine modules mounted on a host board. The final design will be using the PCI bus for communication between Coldfire processors. I would like to connect both Fire Engine MCF5475s to the same PCI bus on the host board, but have encountered two issues.   
1.  The PCI clock for the FE is supplied by the clock on board.   I don't see a way to provide an outside clock source, so cannot put both processors on the same PCI clock source.
2.  The PCI_IDSEL line is hardwired to PCI_AD16.   (This is used for Type 0 Configuration).  I think that this can be overcome by software though, which would be okay for breadboard purposes.
Any suggestions on how to get around the clock issue?