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How to cross compile and debug our applications on Volansys Iot Gateway using Eclipse

Question asked by zafer sen on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by zafer sen

hi. I want to cross compile and debug the applications that I have written using Eclipse on the Host computer(ubuntu14.04) to run at the gateway.  


Is there an instruction for volansys iot gateway for this?


I've found some instructions I'm researching, but I'm stuck at one point.
When I follow the instructions on the link below, I compile the example HelloWorld application successfully. However, after this step, sending the compiled file to the gateway and debugging has failed.


Setting up the Eclipse IDE for Yocto Application Development 


In some directives, ssh connection is used to connect to remote systems. When I use ssh connection, I get sftp server error.

I also get the following error when I use the serial port connection.

"Could not start gdbserver on the remote host. See console output for more details."


What should I do for a successful cross compile and debug in volansys iot gateway?