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How LPC4337 wake up from deep using RTC_ALARM_TIME?

Question asked by Iordănescu Vasile on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Irving Liu

I am working to a project with LPC4337 and I need to wake up processor from deep-sleep using RTC. Most of the time the processor is in deep-sleep mode and wakes up on a preset moment of time, do some jobs and going back in to deep-sleep. To test this I used a modified version of “misc_pmc_states” but in don’t work - my board is very small and I haven’t space for a UART debug interface. The project works if the wake up is trigger by WAKEUP0. If I try to use RTC_ALARM_TIME, not alarm timer peripheral, the processor goes in to deep-sleep mode and don’t wake up – I connected a mA’s on the power line and I can measure the current in real time so I can see in which mode the processor is. I tried everything I found on the Internet, also on this forum, but the result was the same. How I can solve this problem without another chip on the board - a dedicated RTC chip connected to a wakeup pin?