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XQ1TXH5 charge problem

Question asked by Huang on May 24, 2018

Hi Sir,
We use your company's NXQ1TXH5 produced in week45 of 2002 and stop charging when the current slowly rises above 1A.

Your company's answer is as follows:


Customer could start with those steps to narrow down what is causing the fault: 

(Try each one individually, (after each go back to configuration before changes.)


  1.      Replace resistor connected to CNF1 pin with short, 0 Ohm.

This will turn off SPR static power reduction and SPL smart power limiting. 


  1.      Replace resistor connected to CNF3 pin with short, 0 Ohm.

This will turn off FOD foreign object detection.Wireless Connectivity


  1.      Short NTC pin to ground.

This will turn off external NTC sensing and 85 deg C power reduction threshold.

However, these tests are not improved.
I short NTC3 pin to ground and it can charge.
What is the correct solution?