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Right clicking on makefile project not working

Question asked by natepeterson on May 24, 2018

I have a makefile project with a makefile that is generated via premake5 that and built with non-default build command we are migrating from KDS to MCUXpresso. When i right click on the project in the project explorer window a dialog to "select a launch configuration" appears. If i select the build artifact (an elf file) the dialog pops up again, and if i select the correct build artifact again this time the dialog goes away but the menu that should appear when right clicking on the project never appears.


As part of this migration I was originally having MCUXpresso manage the project/generate the make files and it worked at that point. It broke as soon as i switched to using the custom make file and build commands. I first saw this in MCUXpresso v10.1.1 but am also seeing it in v10.2.0.


The behavior is somewhat similar to what is described in I have this makefile project, which I want to debug in MCUXpresso, but it does not work. but there was no solution listed for it.


I am able to build the project and debug so it seems to be working for the most part but not being able to get to that menu item makes managing the build configuration/options more difficult.


Is there a way to get this menu working again.