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How to set NAND_READ_CMD_CODE1/2 for NAND Boot

Question asked by Martin Hollenweger on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by igorpadykov

Hi I'm working on the fuse configuration to boot from my raw NAND (MT29F4G08ABAEA), but I'm confused if I have to set the two NAND_READ_CMD_CODE fields. Do I need to burn this fuses and if Yes to what value (Read Page --> 0x00 and 0x30 ?). 


I have already set the following fuses: 

0x05 (b00,w05) 0x0450 OCOTP_CFG4           = 0x00001280 

   CFG1 = NAND, raw, 1 Device, 3 row address bytes (nedds to be 5 row?)

   CFG2 = Block has 64 Pages, BOOT_SEARCH_CONT = 4

   CFG3 = not used

   CFG4 = not used


0x06 (b00,w06) 0x0460 OCOTP_CFG5           = 0x00000010



Con You please help me to set


0x07 (b00,w07) 0x0470 OCOTP_CFG6