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For KE18F processors is there Processor Expert in KDS or Peripheral tab of ConfigTools in MCUxpresso?

Question asked by Onur Demirel on May 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Alice_Yang



I am using TWR-KE18F board. I looked for Kinetis Design Studio and MCUxpresso IDEs but I couldn't find how to generate startup or initialization codes. Is there any other way to obtain these codes? 


If no way to obtain these codes from manufacturer due to not supporting, I am curious about the reason behind this? Is this procedure not applicable for the processor or is the processor too old for this application. If the reason is processor-based, I can change the processor before starting my project. 


Last thing I think about this issue is; can I use any other processor that have similar pin-outs and necessary hardware and also supported by the manufacturer for this code generation issue.  


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