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Is the pin HIGH-Z status while IMX6D power off?

Question asked by 翔李 on May 23, 2018
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My board has IMX6D and st-MCU,sometimes to reduce power consumption of board,the MCU can power off the IMX6D,but,when power off IMX6D,the current of board is 12V@0.05A,I found that while I depopulate R1214, it change to 12V@0.01A,why? In my opinion,while power off the IMX6D,the pin of IMX6D is hi-Z states,why the TXD pin  still consume current?  and what about other IOs,for example,IIC,GPIO,UART,CAN  and so on.


R1214 connect to CPU UART    PIN=E24,UART2_TXD(EIM_D26).