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Porting K64 USB CDC VCOM example to custom project

Question asked by Ian Norman on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by Daniel Chen

Is there some further guidance on how to achieve this, as I'm struggling to get everything linked together. I've tried to follow the guidance in the document 

SDK_2.3.0_FRDM-K66F_doc\docs\usb\MCUXpresso SDK USB Stack User's Guide.pdf


I've moved the calls to AppInit() and APPTask() into my main function but the compiler is giving the errors 

undefined reference to `APPInit' 
undefined reference to `APPTask'


I've added the function declarations to virtual_com.h and then added #include "virtual_com.h" to my main source file so it should be able to see it.


In the project settings I've ensured all the paths are included that were in the example project 

project settings include list


Are there some other steps I need to do?


kind regards