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Interrupt configuration in MPL3115A2 for threshold pressure value

Question asked by varun v on May 23, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Tomas Vaverka

Hi all,

I am using a MPl3115A2 pressure sensor for measuring the pressure with a threshold limit and a threshold window and I set the values for the the registers as follows:

write to CTRL_REG1 (0x26) : 0x02 (Settnig the OST bit)

write to CTRL_REG2 (0x27) : 0x05 (set the ST bits to 32 secs per sample of pressure data)

write to PT_DATA_CFG(0x13):0x07(set data ready flags)

write to CTRL_REG3(0x28): 0x11 (interrupts to active low open drain)

write to CTRL_REG4(0x29): 0xA8 (To enable the interrutps for data and the threshold)

write to CTRL_REG1 (0x26): 0x39(To set it in Active mode)


write to P_TGT_MSB and P_TGT_LSB threshold values for the pressure

write to P_WND_MSB and P_WND_LSB window values

write to CTRL_REG5 (0x2a) : 0x00 (To set the interrupt pin to INT2)


I later check the Interrupt source register to the hex value 0xA0 and read the pressure data.

I get a zero when I check the interrupt source register value. Is this configuration correct for setting the pressure threshold interrupt? Am I doing anything wrong? Please correct me if I am wrong. 

Any extra explanation on interrupt setting for threshold value detection would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance.