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Replacing the Trajectory Block

Question asked by Derek Cook on May 23, 2018
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I am wanting to replace the Trajectory Block with my own trajectory block, and feed my outputs directly into the position block. I saw another post on the community about this, and tried to follow Adam's instructions he gave, however I am a bit confused. 



I used the software oscilloscope so that I could make the output of my trajectory block match the output of the TRAJPOS block so that the position block does not have any issues. I am a little confused on the units for the output of the position reference from the trajectory block - trajpos.output.refPos_mrev. When I bring up the software oscilloscope I see this is from -10 -> 10 mrevs. This directly corresponds to the enc.output.rotorAngle_Mrevs. 


In the GUI, I commanded the motor to go 1000 revolutions and tracked the trajpos.output.refPos_mrev and I see this just goes from -10 to 10 until 1000 revolutions has been completed. 



How does the position block know to go 1000 revolutions? Does it use the time the TRAJPOS block calculates the trajectory will take? We were planning placing 1000 revolutions into the position block, but it does not look like this is how the position block works. 


It may be better to have a call about this if possible, then I can update this post. We have a couple of other questions as well.