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MPL3115A2 data reading in one shot mode

Question asked by Jasiewicz on May 23, 2018
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I have a question about reading data from mpl3115s2 pressure/altitude sensor. I need to reading data once a minute and I have already chosen the standby mode. I use the following settings:

at start :

set oversampling as 128 in control register 1

set tdfe, drem and pdfe bits in ptDataCfg register


at reading time:

set reference pressure in BAR_IN register

set bit alt in ctrl1 as 1 or 0 depends on altitude or pressure mode

wait 10ms (I don't know if is it necessary)

set ost bit in ctrl1 register

waits for ost bit clearing in loop

waits for ptdr bit in status register

reads 3 bits from pressure out register

converts it into float


I repeat reading operations for pressure and altitude.

Should I chose my approach? I ask because my measurements are usually correct but not always. Sometimes altitude is

65520.000000 or something like this.


Thanks for all answers.

Best regards. Wojciech Jasiewicz.