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K22 : Why the two 64kB RAMs are managed separately ?

Question asked by Nicolas Pinault on May 23, 2018
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I use MCUXpresso V10.1.1_606.

I have created a project for a K22FN512 microcontroller.

I have a problem with the location of .bss and .data sections.

With default linker script file, SRAM_LOWER is never filled with any object since only .data_RAM2 and .bss_RAM2 refer to it (I don't use USB in this project).

I can modify this behaviour but I have a question : Can I declare both SRAMs (SRAM_LOWER and SRAM_UPPER) as a single memory area in the linker script file ?

I ask this because the .bss section of my project is more than 64kB.


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